Thursday, February 3, 2011

Romance title generator: Adjectives

Our novels so far take us from Agrada to Castronia to Kyalonia. They are filled with princes and virgins, sheiks and nannies. But what kind of princes and nannies are they? Reluctant? Pregnant? Vengeful? Only you can decide! (Just trying add a bit of drama to the proceedings...)

The creators of romance titles are clearly not admonished to tighten up their writing. While authors are told never to use two words when one will suffice, in romance titles we find such winning combinations as billionaire magnate or innocent virgin. Of course, sometimes rather than being redundant, the titles are illogical. Who's ever heard of a virgin mistress or an inexperienced love-slave?

I know you many of yesterday's heroines included the adjectives. Go ahead and repost those today, in addition to any others you can think of. Remember, these are describing any aspect of the title--the hero, heroine, marriage (of REVENGE!!), the baby... anything.

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