Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Blogged On My Summer Vacation

I learned something about blogging this summer, friends: The entire blogosphere goes on vacation for two months. Comments slow to a trickle, new posts are few and far between, and site traffic goes way down. On the one hand, this made it easy to keep up with everything. After all, I didn't go on vacation (sigh), so I didn't miss a thing. On the other hand, I know there are a lot of good posts out there that people might have missed.

I'm going to highlight a few of mine, and then if you wrote an awesome blog post that got lost in the summer shuffle, please post a link to it in the comment thread.

The big news of the summer was the launch of Jessica Melendez and I started this site with the vision of it becoming a home for both readers and indie authors of Jane Austen fiction. As of tomorrow, we've been up and running for two months, and things are off to a great start. We're just wrapping up our read-a-long of Sense and Sensibility, and we have a Northanger Abbey event slated for the last two weeks of October.

Indie Jane also took part in this summer's Austenesque Extravaganza, a blog event put on by Meredith of Austenesque Reviews. In our post, we announced a new project, yet again aimed at connecting authors and readers. Dear Jane will link Jane Austen fans with a pen pal for six months. Sign ups go through September 15, so if you're interested, go on over!

And finally, in my posts for the Austenesque Extravaganza, I put together a blog series called Build Your Own Austenesque Novel. I led readers through the various elements of story and plot, and ended with an encouragement to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I've since brought those five blog posts together on their own page, Build Your Own Novel.

Now it's time for the rest of the class to share. Show us your favorite blog posts of the summer!