Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Updates! Mr. Darcy! Col. Fitzwilliam!

Today is the 1/3 mark of NaNoWriMo. I've been hard at work on my Col. Fitzwilliam story, and I am having an absolute blast. It was rough going at the start, partly because I was so dead tired on the first that I didn't write a single word. I'm on a roll now though--I've written a little bit of almost every chapter, and I'm going back through and fleshing things  out.

Are you doing NaNo? How is it going for you? Have your characters made any surprise announcements? I learned some interesting things about my villain on the second or third day of writing, and that's what really kicked the story into high gear.

As for Darcy, I am almost through with him. I'm sending digital ARCs out to reviewers right now, and then next week I'll order proof copies of the paperback from CreateSpace. Once I've got everything to my liking, I'll be hitting the big, red button marked SALE. (Okay, so there's not really a button, but I've always wanted to push one of those big, red buttons that say, "DO NOT PUSH," and this is as close as I'm likely to get.)

Unless something goes drastically wrong, I'll be hitting that button next Thursday or Friday--ONE WEEK LEFT!! I am truly in shock--I can't believe that in just a week, my book will be published. I've been doing the boring things this week, like attaching the book information to the ISBN numbers, but... really, I'm done. It's ready to go.

One week!!

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