Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fan Vaulting, Fan Base

The outside of Bath Abbey is absolutely, breath-takingly gorgeous. Everything about the structure is impressive--its size, the high walls, the stone carvings on the outside of the building. Then you step through the doors, and the inside is just as lovely. Surely, you think, beauty like this doesn't happen on its own.

Something causes you to look up, and suddenly you realize that, no, it doesn't.

Fan vaulting was an invention of Gothic architecture designed to support the high, high ceilings of the period. The ceiling itself is actually the vault, and the fans are the support system. As impressive as the ceiling is, it could not remain where it is without the fans.

That's how I feel right now. This amazing ride with His Good Opinion owes so much of its success to you. I only wrote the book--you, my friends and family, have been the ones to support both it and me in a way that has absolutely astounded me.

Thank you so much for this beautiful, beautiful ride.

ETA: I just sold my 100th paperback! Yet another milestone to be thankful for. :)