Tuesday, July 26, 2011

101 Things: July Update

When I posted my list of 101 things, I said I would blog once a month with results. That day is today.

July was a very busy month. Jessica Melendez and I launched IndieJane.org on the 11th. Indie Jane is a website by and for indie authors of Jane Austen fiction. We're creating a community of writers who are connected to the larger community of Jane Austen fans.

For Indie Jane, I checked #1 off my list: Join/start a writing group.

Despite my constant need for caffeine (if you've ever wondered why everyone doesn't start a website, it's because it's hard work), I also chose the month of July to go without soda. Even though there are still five days left in July, I'm calling this one a win right now. I've got all of you watching me--I'd feel guilty if I caved when I'd come so close.

Also, as I mentioned here, I am far, far closer to knowing what my move to England will look like. I've spent time since that blog post thinking about it, and my target date is February 2, 2014. I sat down last Sunday and created a month by month calendar, detailing what I need to do in my writing career so I can afford to quit my job by then. It's a scary list, but it's doable.

This is the first time in months that I've actually achieved anything on the list, and I know it was largely because I had my blog friends keeping me accountable. So what am I going to do in August? August is FiNancy month. I'll tackle two of the financial goals: not making extraneous purchases and no eating out.

A reminder regarding Indie Jane:

We've got two giveaways open right now, and another opening tomorrow. Enter by midnight to win a copy of Charlotte Collins by Jennifer Becton. The Kindle drawing will be open until August 11. Another giveaway featuring an Austenesque writer's prize pack will go live tomorrow. It's a big month for us; swing by and take a look!