Monday, July 11, 2011

Indie Jane is Here

Presenting Indie Jane:
The Premiere Independent Austen Community

Today is the official launch of, a community of both indie authors and readers of Jane Austen fiction. Jessica Melendez and I have been hard at work to create a site that will offer something unique for all Janeites.

For Everyone:

We are offering one giveaway a week during our inaugural month, including a Wi-fi Kindle with special offers. Check out for more information on how to enter. 

For Readers:

In our chat room and on our message boards, you will have a chance to meet some fabulous self-published Austen authors. You'll find reviews of their books on our blog, and weekly posts about Jane.

We'll also run special events, such as read-alongs and movie nights in the chat room. For the reader, Indie Jane is a place to meet other Janeites and make new friends. 

For Authors:

Indie Jane celebrates the self-published author of Austenesque literature. Like you, Jessica and I are hacking our way through the undergrowth of the publishing world, forging our own path. This is something that's always easier done when you have a trailblazer ahead of you. We'll share self-pub hints and general writing  tips we come across, leaving you with more time to work on your story.

We also know how hard it can be to market your book as an indie author. Indie Jane offers you a chance to meet your potential readers in a casual manner. We all love Jane, so right away we've got something in common--readers and authors alike.

And one more thing for authors: Indie Jane has ad space available. We are currently running a special promotion; one month free or two months for $15. Yes, that is one month free with no obligation to purchase the second month. The space is 128p by 250p, or you can send your art to and we will size it appropriately.

There is so much more to Indie Jane than I could ever put in one blog post. It's a community, it's a resource, it's a marketing opportunity. Whether you are a reader or writer of Austenesque literature, or just someone who loves Jane, there is something for you--so come on over to and check us out!