Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Food of the Heroic

Yesterday was one of my favorite holidays--National Pie Day. That's right, there is an entire day dedicated to that delectable combination of flaky crust and delicious filling we call pie.

When I discovered this amazing holiday two years ago, I immediately decided we needed to celebrate it at work. Tomorrow will be our third annual observation of National Pie Day, and I've been on a strict no-sugar diet for the last week to prepare.

This quote from the New York Times ca 1902 is the best explanation for my deep and abiding love of pie. An Englishman had suggested that Americans--who at the time ate pie on a daily basis--might want to limit themselves to twice a week. This was the editor's response:

"It is utterly insufficient, as anyone who knows the secret of our strength as a nation and the foundation of our industrial supremacy must admit. Pie is the American synonym of prosperity, and its varying contents the calendar of the changing seasons. Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie-eating people can ever be permanently vanquished.”

No pie-eating people can ever be permanently vanquished.

What other food can claim that? Does cake help with longevity? Do cookies lead to national unity? No! Only pie does those things. It is truly the food of the heroic.

Do you have a favorite pie recipe you'd be willing to share? Post it in the comments, along with any fun pie-related stories.